Since 2009 we have hosted a student placement as part of the Erasmus+ project with the Lycee Bel Orme in Bordeaux. They have worked as part of our school administration team and also been part of the school to help in the languages department.

Staff and pupils have found the experience really positive and we are keen to maintain links with Bordeaux as our school, Fairfield, is where the Bristol Bordeaux links began in 1947. It gives the student a real insight into our schools system too which they really value.

Neil Humphrey (Head of Languages and Internationalism)
Fairfield High School

The exchange has been a great benefit. We really enjoyed having Maxence here to stay and the return trip was an exciting challenge to Tom. He gained confidence as well as useful skills.

We would really like the thank you for your hard work, care and determination to ensure the students have an enjoyable experience.

Mrs. Wistow
Bristol Bordeaux Student Exchange, 2014

I could not have asked for a better location or house. My host was lovely and I felt completely at ease. The cookery course was great and I enjoyed the freedom to explore Bordeaux – a really beautiful city.

I enjoyed time with my host family most of all and especially the opportunity to practise and improve my French in such a real situation.

Leonard Gethin
Bristol-Bordeaux Study Visit, 2013

We were really keen to ensure that our new German exchange would be a model of good practice. We wanted our group leaders and participants to be really well-prepared for their experience before going out to Germany.

Debbie has a wealth of experience to offer and dovetailed advice to meet my needs.

After our meeting, I felt reassured that I had crossed all the 't's and dotted all the 'i's in terms of processes and preparing the pupils and parents on both sides.

Helen Highham
Clifton College