We have more than 10 years’ experience working with schools across Bristol and the South West region running the Bristol Bordeaux Student Exchange programme. We also work with schools directly to set up school partnership exchanges.

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Bristol Bordeaux Student Exchange

Find out if your child’s school is taking part in 2015-2016.

This is what we know best and we are proud to set a high standard in safety and Safeguarding and make it possible for language teachers to continue to offer an exchange to their pupils.

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School Partnership Exchanges

Is your school considering a school to school exchange? We can set this up for you and provide the help to ensure that your exchange meets the highest standards for safeguarding and safety.

One Way Homestays

We have a tried and trusted network of families in Bordeaux and in Bristol who can offer a one-way homestay at a time to suit your students.

Bristol Bordeaux Student Exchange
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