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Edventure Plus

Edventure Plus values language learning and inter-cultural understanding.
We are committed to providing, safe, supported, high quality trips and exchanges to enable young people
and school groups to benefit from life-changing educational travel.

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How We Can Help You:

We are passionate and dedicated providers of opportunities for young people to grow and develop.

Our track record speaks for itself. Over the past 10 years, we have organised more than 1000 successful French exchanges, several school partnership projects, been an intermediary organisation for Erasmus+ projects and supported schools to draw down funding for their projects.

In November 2014, the British Council cited lack of teacher time and concerns over safety as the reasons for the decline in language exchanges.

We can solve both of those problems for you.

  • Does your school or college want to apply for EU funding or make a Lefevre Trust application?
  • Does your school want to offer your pupils a safe, well-organised exchange programme?
  • Can we help you meet the standards set out in the National Guidance for your own ‘in-house’ exchange programme or homestay trip?

We have a long history working with schools in Bordeaux and the Bristol-Bordeaux exchange programme dates back to links established in 1947. We also have strong links for Aix-en-Provence.

Edventure Plus is supported by Bristol Airport where we have our office base. We are building relationships with schools across the South West to assist them in running individual exchanges, school partnership exchanges and Erasmus+ projects.

We pride ourselves on the high quality service we offer and our commitment to high standards in relation to safeguarding for homestays and exchanges. To find out how we can help you meet these standards, please see the Safety Training page.

Be safe in the knowledge your child will be part of a well-planned exchange programme supported by our experienced teachers.

We have been running exchanges for more than 10 years.
We have good relationships with schools on both sides of the channel. Our exchange package includes safety awareness and builds on decades of exchanges between Bristol and Bordeaux and the Aquitaine.

Experiences that count in your child’s educational journey.
There are tour operators and there are teachers. We are teachers. All of our group leaders have taught languages for 5 years or more. We know what it takes to learn a language and we encourage our students to get the most out of their trip.

Homestays that care and deliver year after year.
Every year the love and dedication of our homestay families creates positive life-long memories for our young people. We couldn’t do this without the great care taken by the community of families who take part.

We receive fantastic feedback from our students about the way they are hosted here and in France.

Exchanges and trips that make a difference
You will do some amazing trips like “Europe’s biggest sand dune” where we know you’ll have fun. That said, some of the most powerful experiences our students have had are the school visits where you will have the opportunity to gain a unique insight into daily life in France.
We are working with Bordeaux, and Aix-en-Provence both amazing cities and really beautiful parts of France.
You will come away with a lot more than just a few great photos!

Leaders who inspire you and understand you
We want to help you succeed in developing your language skills. All of our group leaders know what it is like to learn another language and are here to help you with do the same. We are also passionate about foreign cultures! Our aim is to share this passion with you and help you to be gain confidence in adapting to another language and culture.

24-hour pastoral support
We have a commitment to provide a 24-hour support service. You will always have access to your group leader and know what to do if you are struggling. We want you to feel independent but also know that help if there if you need it.

School Partnership Exchanges


We have more than 10 years’ experience working with schools across Bristol and the South West region running the Bristol Bordeaux Student Exchange programme.

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Erasmus +


We take pride in organising great accommodation, set students up with appropriate work placements and provide a high level of student mentoring and support.

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School Groups

School Groups

Edventure Plus offers tailor made visits for school groups coming to Bristol  as well as group visits to Bordeaux, ensuring high educational outcomes for your group.

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Safety Training

Safety Training

Edventure Plus offers a comprehensive package of support for your own exchange programmes to help you meet or improve safety standards for exchanges and homestays.

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